“I have been to a number of Chiropractors in various states over my 20+ years of getting treatment. Dr. Aaron Bailey has got to be the best in determining just how to manipulate areas to get the right results. Not too aggressive, but just the right touch to relieve the troubled spots. I highly recommend him and his practice.”

Tom R'

“Dr. Bailey is by far the best chiropractor in Atlanta. He is compassionate and caring and always willing to devote extra attention to the patient's individual needs. I would highly recommend him. Beautiful and comfortable office as well - friendly and helpful staff!”

Ree B

“I love the thorough job that the office staff and the doctor did in explaining the process and making me feel welcome and comfortable. I actually look foreward to future visits and getting my back aligned properly.”

Jason M

“I have recommened Dr. Bailey and Vinings Family Chiropractic to my co-workers.”

Brenda C

“Dr. Bailey is very professional, on point with the technology, answered all my questions and concerns. I have already referred him to my close friend!”

Venice B

“I LOVE this place. It's so relaxing as soon as you enter. The staff is wonderful and friendly. Dr. Bailey is VERY knowledgeable and introduced me to things that I had never seen nor heard of. I'm looking forward to continuing my care under this group.”

Lena M

“I've been to a few chiropractors before in my life and usually I leave after a few visits because I don't feel like much is being accomplished. This is the first chiropractor that I felt actually is improving my back and overall well being. Dr. Bailey is excellent and most of all he is passionate about what he does and really understands the mechanics of the body. He has a state of the art facility, courteous staff and he really takes the time to get to know and treat his patients. He is very personable, knowledgeable and passionate which makes him an excellent doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Bailey to anyone wishing to improve their overall health and well-being.”

Jose G

“Amazing experience. I haven't always believed in chiropractic medicine but Dr Bailey is very knowledgeable, professional and excellent at being a true healer relieving me of many aches and pains that I thought would never go away. He may have saved me from a lot of unnecessary drugs and procedures just by positioning my body back to normal. I absolutely recommend his care. He and his staff are courteous and professional and his office is peaceful and state of the art. This may be the first time that I actually return to a chiropractor. Usually I just want to run away. Thanks!”

Kenya P

“Dr. Bailey gave me another good "workout" which always keeps me going. He worked on both legs, feet, back and neck. It really makes a difference in how I feel.”

Kay B

“Dr. Baily and his staff are just the best. i have only been here for a month, but a chiropractor was the very first Dr. i had to find and i am so glad i found him. He is the best and i have never felt any better. thank you!!!”

Janet T

“Absolutely wonderful experience. State of the art facility, friendly staff and knowledgable physician.”

Faith B